Shenzhen Nantou Mapping Show



The International Dialogue Conference on the Protection and Development of Nantou Ancient City has invited experts from the Veneto Region of Italy. In this event, they will discuss the protection and development of cultural heritage from Eastern and Western perspectives.

Nantou Ancient City, one of Shenzhen's "Top Ten Characteristic Cultural Districts," has a history of almost 1700 years. It is a crucial point for exploring Shenzhen's cultural roots and for pioneering innovative urban habitat reconstruction. In the mapping show, we've created a 3-minute and 40-second segment focusing on the city's history and the cultural exchange between East and West. This segment is divided into five parts: "Starry Seas - Fusion of Architecture - Calligraphy and Sculpture - Intertwining Melodies - Radiance of Sun and Moon." Each part explores Chinese and Italian architecture, calligraphy, and music from three different angles.



"The city tower is sculpted with a gray dragon boat ridge, adorned with sea turtles, fish, and floral decorations. In the central part, there is a lotus pedestal gourd, symbolizing the enduring peace and prosperity of the Nantou area. The ridge is adorned with two lions, and the gable roof features hanging fish, symbolizing the integrity of officials. The eaves of the roof are curled up like birds ready to soar, elegant and beautiful. Many of the camel humps of the city tower's wooden structure are intricately carved.”


Director: Suki Violet Su
Supervisor: Vicenzo De Masi
3D/2D Motion Designer: Ning Zhang, Liang Zhang, Suki Violet Su.
Producer: Erica Song
SFX: SongYin Studio

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