The Sequence of Skin


2021 - 2022

SKINSEQ (Skin Sequences)  is an art project initiated by independent artist Suki Violet Su, inspired by Eastern mythology, totemism, animism, and semiotics, and expressed through mixed media.

Suki uses human facial features and contours as a fundamental medium, employing digital modeling, hand-drawing, particle simulation, and 3D printing to analyze and present Eastern philosophical concepts such as Zhuang Zhou's Butterfly Dream and Xunzi's theory of the inherent evil nature of humans. There are many insurmountable and irreparable chasms in the world. The clash between Eastern and Western cultures, along with deeply ingrained racial prejudices, breathes through the crevices of human society. Accompanied by the progressive beats of musician Anti-General, the totems sculpted on faces intertwine and blend into the skin. The opposition between male and female genders, the insurmountable and irreversible boundaries between humans and gods, and the conflicts between different races and nations begin to blur and fade.

The human face acts as a window, reflecting both the universality of the cosmos and the intricacies of human emotions. A fresh form of consciousness arises in our inherent features, surpassing the borders that divide us from the cosmos.


SKINSEQ-Eastern Philosophy have 5 series, each series showcases unique Eastern historical artifacts and the artistry of seal script calligraphy.

  1. Zhuangzhou 莊周夢蝶: Zhuangzi's dream blurs the boundaries between self and the universe. There is no difference between the universe and I, both of whom set up a united existence.
  2. Oriental Moon & Sun日月合璧: The reverence and awe towards the sun and the moon in the East are deeply rooted in the Eastern culture.
  3. Phoenix 有風來儀: The phoenix is a mythical creature that originated in Eastern antiquity, combining various birds, animals on the move, and natural phenomena such as the sun and wind. It serves as a symbol of universal peace and harmony.
  4. Dragon四靈之首: The dragon, as one of the Four Divine Beings in ancient Chinese mythology, represents a cultural and spiritual symbol.
  5. Natural Evilness人性本惡: The visual concept of human nature's inherent evil unfolds through the philosopher Xunzi.


All rights reserved by Suki Violet Su.
Music: Anti General.


SUMMER WIND ART FAIR -  TOKYO, Japan & Shanghai, China. June 2024
NFT NYC, Lume Studio - New York City, US. Apr 2023
NFT Korea Festiva - Seoul, Korea. Mar 2023
NFT Paris - Paris, French. Feb 2023
Miami Art Basel - Miami, US, Dec 2022
CADAF Art Fair  - New York City, US. Nov 2022
Painted Skin, Lincoln Center -  New York City, US. Oct 2022
NFTNYC, The Times Square EDITION- New York City, US. Jun 2022
Brooklyn Art Cave - New York, US. May 2022
LA NFT - Los Angeles, US. Apr 2022
萬神殿 - Shanghai, China. Mar 2022
Miami Art Basel - Miami, US. Dec 2021

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