The Sequence of Skin is a personal digital art project, inspired by animism, oriental myths, legends, and classical totems.

There are many irreparable and irreparable gaps in the world. The restlessness and turmoil brought about by the cultural shock of the East and the West, the deep-rooted hatred between post-colonialism and race has always been hidden and breathing in the cracks of human society.

I use human facial features and facial contours as the primary carrier analyzed and displayed by the philosophical thoughts of Zhuang Zhou and Xun Kuang which include hand-painting, 3D modeling, and Particle Dynamics Computer Calculation. With a gradual drumbeat soundtrack accompanied by anti-general, the totems carved on the face are repeatedly entwined and blended on the skin. The confrontation between gender, boundaries between humans and God, and the contradictions between countries of different races initiate to blur and fade.

The human face consolidates and manifests the emotion and metaphysical universe commonalities. A new qualitative sequence of consciousness emerges on our authentic skin and bones.

This project will be continued growing with different races and various cultures, including storytelling from top makeup artists by digital art.

Music by Anti General.
Los Angeles, Calif.