MAC X HyperReal

Direction: MAC Creative Team
CGI: Suki Violet Su
Photographer: Tim Walker
Fashion Editor/Stylist: Madeleine stlie/PhyllisPosnick
Hair Stylist: Ali Pirzadeh
Makeup Artist: Lucy Bridge


M·A·C LNY23 緋紅流金系列

Package & Creative Direction: MAC Cosmetics Creative Team
CGI Director/Storyboard/Motion/Editor: Suki Violet Su
Art Director: Suki Violet Su, Nicole Wang, Ella Whitaker
CGI Director/Motion/Editor: Suki Violet Su
Producer: Amy Stott
Photographer: Jason Kim
Make Up Artist: Emi Kaneko
Hair: Takayoshi Tshkisawa
Photo Retouch: Gloss Studio
VFX/Render: Absurd Black Studio

虎年限定 紫醉金迷

Package & Creative Direction: MAC Cosmetics Creative Team
CGI Director/Storyboard/Motion/Editor: Suki Violet Su


Client: COACH®

Suki Violet Su collaboration with COACH®,
show Tabby’s big in the metaverse during MVFW23.
“I carry a clash and mix of cultures. I'm untethered:
A wild syntheses where east meets west.”

Shenzhen Nantou Mapping Show

Nantou Ancient Town’s third-anniversary Mapping Show. 
The International Dialogue Conference on the Protection and Development of Nantou Ancient City has invited experts from the Veneto Region of Italy. In this event, they will discuss the protection and development of cultural heritage from Eastern and Western perspectives.

Nantou Ancient City, one of Shenzhen's "Top Ten Characteristic Cultural Districts," has a history of almost 1700 years. It is a crucial point for exploring Shenzhen's cultural roots and for pioneering innovative urban habitat reconstruction. In the mapping show, we've created a 3-minute and 40-second segment focusing on the city's history and the cultural exchange between East and West. This segment is divided into five parts: "Starry Seas - Fusion of Architecture - Calligraphy and Sculpture - Intertwining Melodies - Radiance of Sun and Moon." Each part explores Chinese and Italian architecture, calligraphy, and music from three different angles.


Director: Suki Violet Su
Supervisor: Vicenzo De Masi
Motion Designer: Ning Zhang, Liang Zhang, Suki Violet Su
Producer: Erica Song
SFX: SongYin Studio

城新城意 - 南头古城保护与发展国际对话会联手意大利威尼托大区古城学者专家,共同探讨东西文化文化遗产保护与发展的诸多议题。

作为“深圳十大特色文化街区”之一,南头古城承载着近1700年的历史,是深圳文化寻根的支点与创新城市生境再构的践行者。在光影秀板块中,我们围绕南头古城历史和东西文化,制作了总长3min40s的内容。共分为 海上星雨-建筑交融-书画雕塑-音符交错-日月交辉 五个板块,分别从中国和意大利建筑,书画,音乐三个维度进行展开。

"The city tower is sculpted with a gray dragon boat ridge, adorned with sea turtles, fish, and floral decorations. In the central part, there is a lotus pedestal gourd, symbolizing the enduring peace and prosperity of the Nantou area. The ridge is adorned with two lions, and the gable roof features hanging fish, symbolizing the integrity of officials. The eaves of the roof are curled up like birds ready to soar, elegant and beautiful. Many of the camel humps of the city tower's wooden structure are intricately carved.”
Los Angeles, Calif.