Suki is a New York & Shanghai based Creative Director, Visual Artist.
Specialize in branding,  CGI content and VFX advertising direction.


As an Eastern surrealist who grew up in China's largest immigrant city Shenzhen and has traveled extensively, Su has explored themes of human belonging, cultural commonalities, and the tension between Eastern and Western visual narratives.

She seeks to strike a balance between the burgeoning world of new media metaverse and traditional culture graphics, she delves into the resonance of human souls and the regulations of the universe, the definition of gender, and various cultural sentiments.

Su's works incorporate Eastern and Western cultures, religious beliefs, and female power, utilizing a variety of mediums including 3D digital art, graphic design, photography, and conceptual films. Suki has collaborated with over 20 top brands and musicians, including Harvard FAS CAMLab, MTV, Coach, MAC, Cash App, 88rising, Doja Cat, Willow Smith, etc. Her works have amassed over 15M views on social media and has given speeches at NYU Tisch School of the Arts and Southampton University.

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- Metal Magazine ↗
- HarvardCAMLab  ↗
- Portion ↗
- Li Tang Gallery ↗
- US-China Music Institute ↗


- Summer Wind Digital Art Fair - Tokyo & Shanghai. June 2024
- NFT Korea Festival - Seoul, Korea. Mar 2023
- NFT Paris - Paris, French. Feb 2023
- Miami Art Basel - Miami, US. Dec 2022
- CADAF Art Fair - New York City, US. Nov 2022
- Painted Skin Show- New York City, US. Oct 2022
- Lume Studio - New York City, US. Jun 2022
- NYC NFT - New York City, US. Jun 2022
- LA NFT - Los Angeles, US. Apr 2022
- 萬神殿 - Shanghai, China. Mar 2022
- Miami Art Basel - Miami, US. Dec 2021
- NYC Chinese Designer Talk - New York City, US. Mar 2021
- Yangtze Nanjing Contemporary Art Fair - Nanjing, China. Oct 2020
- Anaya Visual Festival - Beijing, China.  Aug 2020
- NO Theater Screenings - Guangzhou, China.  Feb 2020


- 2017.9 - 2019.6
 New York Institute of Technology/Computer Graphic MFA
 紐約理工大學/计算机平面設計 碩士

- 2016
 University of Southampton, UK /Graphic Design  

-2013.9 - 2017.6
 Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology/Visual Communication BFA
 北京服裝學院/視覺傳達  本科

[email protected]