God’s Whisper is a conceptual video inspired by Eastern totemic symbols and religious culture, the film combines the tribal fusion belly dance performed by Yanqi to narrate the dialogue between humanity and the cosmos.
"Where is redemption? My soul drifts through the vast galaxies, like a lost child, stumbling and searching for the path ahead.
In a deep dream, the divine whispers to me, like a falling drop of water, like the origin of the universe, like the eye of the god, perceiving the past and watching the future.
The dialogue between humanity and the cosmos has existed since ancient times. Perhaps the divine and I are one, weaving the tapestry of fate together."


Director/Producer/Editor/VFX/3D: Suki Violet Su
Dancer: 焱荠 Yan Qi
DP: Haus
Jewelry: Absurd Silver

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