MTV Idents (MIDs) is a program that celebrates creators, it has always been symbolic of the MTV brand’s spirit — inspired by culture, fuled by creativity and built by artists. These pieces tell stories, and reflect the passions and voices of our audience at any given time.

As the MTV Idents Artist representative for AAPI(Asian & Pacific American Heritage Month) 2022, Suki showcase her work 衡HENG, which means balance in Chinese, intends to use CGI visual art and modern dance to conceptualize and present the difficult situations and problems encountered in the long history of gender equality.

“衡HENG“ is not absolute equality, nor is it gender binary, but rather a fluid human being. By exploring the complexities of gender and identity in a creative and engaging way, it hopes to inspire conversations and promote understanding about these important issues.


Director: Suki Violet Su 
3D Motion: Suki Violet Su
Dancer: Elsa Stallings @elsastallings & Zhewen Xiang @zhewenxiang
Videographer: Andy An @andy.an.Jianhao
Costume artist: Manuel Albarran @manuelalbarranoficial
Makeup artist: Keto Utsubo @kentoutsubo
Makeup assistant: Mana Atsumi @manaatsumi829
Producer: Yiwei Zhang @ida_society
On-site producer: Ran Tian @ida_society
Music: MARSIX @marsixlab
BTS Photos: Dennis Wang @ziyang_photo

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